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What does COVID look like on a chest xray?

(RSNA) Case example of diffuse non-specific airspace opacities in both lungs in an intubated patient with confirmed COVID diagnosis on day 6...

Coronal Chest CT: COVID demonstrating Nodular and Mass-like Airspace Opacities

(RSNA) - CT Chest coronal view demonstrates multifocal nodular and mass-like airspace opacities in both lungs. Source: Song et al, Radiology...

How to read a COVID-19 Chest X-Ray – visual guide

How to read a COVID-19 Chest X-Ray - visual guide

Radiologic Sign of the Day (CT) for COVID: Crazy Paving

On cross sectional CT imaging of the lung, sometimes, you might see what is known as thickened interlobular and intralobular lines (opacities)...

Case of the Day: Brain Mass on CT

What is your diagnosis? A. Craniopharyngioma or B. Aneurysm Answer - Click here

Chest X-Ray Basics: PA vs. AP

Which one is AP and which one is PA? The answer is... below. On the PA view,...

Lipoid Proteinosis (hyalinosis cutis et mucosae or Urbach-Wiethe disease)

Lipoid Proteinosis Waxy, thickened, yellowish skin with multiple permanent, poxlike atrophic scarring on the forehead. Source: Dr....

Cutaneous findings in systemic sarcoidosis

Cutaneous findings in systemic sarcoidosis



Tinea Corporis

Tinea Corporis Annular erythematous scaling patch with an active border composed of papules, vesicles and crusts.

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