Oregon-based Sher-Ray, Inc., an organic cosmetics brand, was one of five state-based companies ordered to pay settlements for violating consumer protection laws. 

The five businesses were ordered to pay fines ranging from $12,500 to $21,500, depending on how egregious their advertising or price gouging efforts were. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum blasted Sher-Ray for claiming that its aromatherapy diffuser blend called “Respiratory Remedy” could be effective at curing COVID-19. 

Sher-Ray founder and CEO Sherry Raymond-Coblantz strongly disagreed with the violations, and told NewsChannel 21 that multiple cases confirmed that the diffuser treats both pneumonia and coronavirus, adding that CBD capsules can reduce inflammation. 

“If I wasn’t 81 years old, I would have fought them and gone to court,” said Raymond-Coblantz. “But I have better things to do with my life — and that includes saving people with this virus.”



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