Long shifts at the hospital and miss seeing my kids on both ends.

Work life balance & currently not wanting to work in this pandemic & bring it home to my boys. 😭😭

Being away from my babies 😩

When you have a sick baby but you need to go to work πŸ˜”

I work NOCS, so balancing it all without being grumpy and exhausted!

Depends on the day and absolutely not, I’ve been winging it for 18 years πŸ˜‚

finding childcare that’s affordable and that fits my shift work schedule!

Time management!

Coming home and still having to be a mom after an extremely exhausting 12 hr shift

Right now it’s working in the ED and worrying about bringing Covid home!

never know what we are bringing home

Balancing work and home life

I love both! Creating a schedule is the best advice.

Mom guilt being gone for so long and the fear of bringing infection to my child

My schedule

Having the energy for both and not being exhausted all the time 😴 try to eat healthy and drink water I know it everyone says that but it really does help.

diagnosing my children

having time to sleep and spend time with kids

Staying calm when your own child is sick. Listen to your gut, always!

Balancing my schedule

As a pediatric oncology nurse it’s the worry for my own children & the balance of it all.


How to manage little children if you have 3 who are less than 5.

Currently β€” working pregnant through Covid

Believing your kid when they get hurt – not wanting to take them to the hospital

Working nights and being present for the next day if needed.

COVID-19,Will I ever get to touch my loved ones again?

being pregnant amidst this corona virus.

working and taking care of the home

Knowing everything that can possibly go wrong

Being exposed to so many different germs and coming home to my little babies

Overtime and not being there during the day with the kiddo

corona virus and possibly infecting my newborn

Working the night shift, sleeping a few hours in the morning, then getting up to take care of kids and running the house. Advice: love your kids, love your job, all the hard works are worthwhile.

Being away from the kids for long hours, missing bedtimes or potentially other special events. I try to keep my schedule consistent so the kids knows which days to expect me not to be home.



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