Proctor & Gamble’s startup studio P&G Ventures recently released Opté Precision Skincare System, an algorithm-based device that perfectly applies makeup to blemishes and other imperfections to create an uniform skin palate without unnecessarily covering the entire face in foundation.

Using Opté takes around two to five minutes and can be used in conjunction with sunscreen. Make up is intended to last all day but users might need to make touch-ups. The device is comprised of four high-tech components that help you get that celebrity glow. Its Blue LED Scan lights have triple the magnification of the human eye to identity discoloration that isn’t immediately detectable. The Integrated Digital Camera snaps 200 photos per second of the skin and generates 24,000 during each use. The Minicomputer Precise Color Algorithm analyzes 70,000 lines of code to assess the details of each skin spot. The Micro Serum Jet Printer has 120 thermal inkjet nozzles that are thinner than a strand of human hair and releases 1,000 pilcoleter-sized drops of Optimizing Serum on every imperfection.

The Optimizing Serum doesn’t sound anything like your typical foundation. It’s complex formula contains mineral pigments; “spot-lightening skincare ingredients,” which gradually reduce the appearance of spots over time; and moisturizers.  Watch how it works in this video:



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