The newly formed Dermatology Hall of Fame will honor its first inductees at a ceremony on February 28, 2019 at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, according to recent announcement.

“The Dermatology Hall of Fame recognizes the individuals and revolutionary ideas that have refined the practice of Dermatology,” says the Hall of Fame leaders on their website. “This prestigious nomination honors leaders who have distinguished themselves through their significant contributions. It highlights early achievements and successful innovators who have — and continue to — inspire, inform and improve treatment.”

The Dermatology Hall of Fame’s Executive Board selects nominees (who can be either alive or deceased) based on what they’ve accomplished during their careers as dermatologists using four criteria: excellence in education in teaching, technology and product innovation, research and discovery, and humanitarian. The organization’s Selection Committee then casts the final vote on who will be considered inductees.

The Executive Board is made up of five prominent and esteemed practitioners, including Daniel Mark Siegel, MD, MS, C. William Hanke, MD, Douglas DiRuggiero, MHS, PA-C, Jill Waibel, MD, Mark Lebwohl, MD, Robert Kirsner, MD, and Daniel Mark Siegel, MD, MS. “What an exciting step for our profession to identify those who have had the greatest impact on colleagues, peers, and patients,” said DiRuggiero. “As a member of the newly formed executive board of directors, it is truly a joy to be part of such a prestigious endeavor.”



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