Stay-at-home orders and social distancing have eliminated the need for regular salon appointments, manicures, and chemical-based skin and hair treatments. As a result, dermatologists have noticed a significant decrease in acne cases and are seeing patients with shiner and healthier hair and nails.

In a recent article for The Washington Post, Los Angeles-based dermatologist Ivy Lee, MD calls these unexpected skin health benefits “the power of pause.”

“When the pandemic hit and we had forced shutdowns of hair salons, nail salons and med spas that used to be sort of routine for a lot of men and women, it caused us all to reflect on these aspects of our lives,” Lee said. “What am I doing this for? Am I doing this for perception of beauty? Am I doing this for self-care and relaxation?”

Pandemic restrictions have forced people to consider simpler and cheaper skincare routines. This time at home has made many realize using skin products with excess chemicals and ingredients only increase the chances of contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. Similarly, when we subject our hair to fewer relaxers, perms, and coloring treatments, our hair becomes more robust. “[People] notice that there’s more shine and luster to the hair,” said hair and scalp specialist Tracie Radford. “They also notice that without having any chemicals in their hair, they’re able to do a bit more with it because of the texture.”



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