ABD – American Board of Dermatology

The American Board of Dermatology (ABD) is restructuring the boards, specifically the In-Training and Certification exams for dermatologists. The ABD is moving from their approach of emphasizing knowledge retention, minutia, and visual diagnosis to exams that better emphasize and practically apply knowledge in clinical practice, emphasizing clinically relevant case scenarios. Case-based testing is the key to the Dermatology “Exam of the Future.”

The Exam of the Future for dermatology will be a staged evaluation with 1) a BASIC exam designed for (PGY2) first-year dermatology residents, covering dermatology fundaments, 2) CORE exam modules assessing more advanced knowledge of senior residents (PGY3 and PGY4) about dermatology’s major clinical areas; 3) an APPLIED exam given post residency after graduation, which tests the ability to apply knowledge in clinical situations in real-life settings.

Fast Facts of the Exam of the Future – the table below summarizes the differences between the BASIC Exam, CORE Exam, and APPLIED Exam.




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