Med spa enthusiasts and beauty nerds are excited about dermaplaning, the latest skincare trend to sweep dermatologists’ offices. The procedure involves a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin and vellus hairs to give the face a bright, cleaner look.

Think of dermaplaning as an extremely sophisticated, high-tech shaving technique. Everyone has vellus hairs, but they can be challenging to remove with waxing, threading and laser. The dermatologist or esthetician begins by cleansing the skin and then scrapes away with a small, thin blade that whisks away particles you never even knew you had. In some dermatology clinics, dermaplaning can be purchased as an add-on service for other cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion or ablative lasers. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and prices range between $40 and $100.

Dermaplaning can be beneficial to those with fine lines, dry patches, dull skin, and sun damage. Unlike other med spa treatments that take time to see results, patients notice an immediate brightening effect, which can make it easier for your skin to absorb beauty products and makeup.

Rosacea and keratosis pilaris patients are advised to opt out of dermaplaning as it can irritate the skin. It can also exacerbate acne. Dermaplaning also comes with the risk of scarring, and to prevent damage, patients should schedule their procedure with a board-certified dermatologist.



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